Highlight Clip from Sunday

Check out a quick clip from Sunday’s message on waiting on the Holy Spirit and joining Him in what He’s doing! Following the video is a great song by Will Reagan called ‘Not in a Hurry’ that follows the same them of waiting!

Background to Acts

Check out this great video from The Bible Project. We’ll use this clip on Sundays to help give a little background to the what and why about the book of Acts. This week’s focus starts at 2:20 and covers the Holy Spirit being given to the disciples, and what that means!

Series Study

Wednesdays | 6:30p 

We want to start out the new year leaning into the word of God, and we want to do it in community! We are looking forward to “40 Days of Breakthrough” where we will gather on Wed. nights to worship, dive deeper into the Sunday message, and devote ourselves to seeing breakthrough in our life and relationship with God.

More Info?

40 Songs of Worship