An Olympic Moment

So we started a fire in our wood stove and settled in for a night of pouring through a couple 5 hour recordings of the Olympics….

Ice dancing = no throws or jumps, not enough danger >>> (fast fwd) cross-country skiing = great workout, pretty boring, aren’t they supposed to carry a rifle and shoot targets every once in a while? Heard one person mention it should involve prairie dogs. That would make it interesting >>> Long-jumping = not the same with those railings on the sides, meaning you can’t get another Wild World of Sports “agony of defeat” moment >>> Giant slalom = now we’re talking excitement with heated rivalry, skiers mad at each other, egos, stealing the limelight, oh, and the skiing…
The personal stories are pretty cool. My wife likes them the best. It does help connect you to the person and the event. We were especially impacted by the gal on the bobsled who was hit from behind by another bobsled in practice, thrown 30 ft, broke her shin in 7 places and told she’d not be walking for months. She was back in competition in 6 months and in these Olympics.
I love seeing athletes who have devoted everything to training for years, all for a few moments (or hours) of competition. It is exciting to watch athletes who have an “extra gear” that puts them ahead of others. I appreciate the expressions of love for country. Genuine humility is refreshing.

Our “Olympic Moment” so far? The chocolate chip cookies I made from scratch during the ice dancing. Seriously, probably Apolo Ohno capturing the silver medal in the 1,500 after the 2 Korean skaters wiped out in the final lap. Never give up 🙂

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