Ascribe to the Lord Glory and Strength

Storm Psalm 29 serves as a reminder of true worship. It is known as “The Thunderstorm Psalm” because it describes the storm rolling in (and we run for cover). We find safety in God, who is in fact, more powerful than the storm… Every symbol of storm and strength pales in comparison to God.

I love Psalm 29 because it reminds me where to give credit (not to us but to Your name be glory) and where to receive strength!

A friend of mine struggles with migraines, they come on for days at a time. She describes them as connected with stress, anxiety and issues she can’t seem to work through. Over the years anticipating the migraines have become the source of stress and anxiety. But something has started to change…

The onset of a migraine serves as a trigger, to pray and worship- expressing her heart, getting in touch with God’s heart- and something happens. Especially in the context of her role and identity, and processing what she is feeling… The migraines either don’t come or don’t stay as long.

God’s magnificence roars like thunder. Psalm 29:3

We are most ready to ascribe glory to Him when we encounter Him, finding no good thing in ourselves. We are most open to know His strength when we are weakest.

This is not self-deprecating or self-effacing. It is getting in touch with the reality of His great love and power. And that produces the most settling effect on our self-image.

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