Being equipped to follow Jesus

We had an amazingly refreshing night of worship and prayer! The theme was consecration — being filled and empowered by God’s Holy Spirit to do His will at work, in relationships, etc. It was so cool being equipped together to follow Jesus.

I read from Spurgeon’s “Treasury of David” (circa 1885) and many inquired about the quote so I’m including some excerpts here.

My soul waits in silence for God only; from Him is my salvation. Psalm 62:1

“My soul waiteth upon God. My inmost self draws near in reverent obedience to God. I am no hypocrite or mere posture maker.

To wait upon God, and for God, is the habitual position of faith; to wait on him truly is sincerity; to wait on him only is spiritual chastity. The original is, ‘only to God is my soul silence.’

The presence of God alone could awe his heart into quietude, submission, rest, and acquiescence; but when that was felt, not a rebellious word or thought broke the peaceful silence.

The proverb that speech is silver but silence is gold, is more than true in this case. No eloquence in the world is half so full of meaning as the patient silence of a child of God.

It is an eminent work of grace to bring down the will and subdue the affections to such a degree, that the whole mind lies before the Lord like the sea beneath the wind, ready to be moved by every breath of his mouth, but free from all inward and self caused emotion, as also from all power to be moved by anything other than the divine will…

Faith can hear the footsteps of coming salvation, because she has learned to be silent.”

Wow, all of that from reflection on one verse! It makes me aware of how much of life is geared to be a mile wide and a few inches deep, and the calling to go deeper…

What a great devotional resource! Check it out

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