Ministry Assistant

Brenda Kastner - Ministry Assistant

Tell a little about yourself:

I’m a single mom with 4 grown or almost grown kids. I’m a chiropractor 3.5 days/week and volunteer 1.5 days/week. I also teach anatomy and physiology online.

Random fact about me:

I was the captain of my high school gymnastics team my senior year in high school. We won first place in state that year.

What inspired you to do what you do:

God kept me up at night until I finally listened and offered to volunteer. THEN He let me sleep!

Favorite singer/band:

Besides the famous Greg Russell????

On the weekend I love…:

to make breakfast for the kids and come to church afterwards.

Book that moved you:

Uh…. I hate reading

Best advice I ever got:

God wants wants us to do the huge events that glorify him, but they can be overwhelming. When things seem impossible, just pray. God will take care of bringing the people who can help in the areas needed.