The doorbell rang, wasn’t expecting anyone, didn’t want to answer it (being the introvert). The guy asked if I was Blake (my son), said he was here for the piano advertised on craigslist…

Blake had picked up this piano a couple months ago for free, it has been sitting in our garage, and now was giving it away for free. Blake wasn’t around so we went out to the garage to have a look.
Turns out he is a musician, short version – was playing on a cruise ship for over a year, met his future wife there, got married and they are pregnant with their first child. And he is excited about teaching his kid the piano.
I was immediately struck by his positive attitude, smiling, recounting the struggles of a musician’s life. I commented “You seem to be so positive, what’s up with that?” He said “Well, everybody’s got it hard and you have to look on the bright side…”
So we loaded the piano into the back of his Subaru, just the two of us. It is small but easily 500 lbs., I’m wondering about the possibility of a hernia, but we get it in okay.
As we talk, I’m praying “Lord, do you want me to talk to him about you?” We talk some more, and I pray “Lord, is this you doing something? I know you love this guy but do you really want me to bring it up. He’s a musician, and even though positive is probably jaded toward anything religious.” Yes, all this is going on in my mind during our conversation…
So I finally get the courage to ask him “Do you have any spiritual belief?” He says hesitantly, “I’m kind of a Christian…” He went on to talk about attending church sporadically as a kid, doesn’t go anymore cause he is usually playing gigs late on the weekends. His wife attends regularly and comes home to tell him “I prayed for you today.”
Then he shared about his mom being hurt by her church years ago, they had condemned her when she divorced, and it made him angry. Recently, he had played with a band hired out by a small church on the west side of town. That church was the same denomination as the one his mom had been hurt by – creeped him out and upset him.
By now I’m seeing how much God loves this guy and wants to break through all the junk and show him. All my discomfort has quickly faded in the intersection of God’s love and a young man who is longing to know his life counts, and that God sees him.
So I said “I don’t think this is a coincidence, you coming out here for this piano…. Can I pray with you?” He said “Sure!” (which always surprises me), and I just invited God to touch him and lifted him, his family, passions and gifts to Jesus. Pause. God showed up with His peace.
As he drove off, I thought someone has been praying for this guy. How many times has he been around followers of Jesus who shied away from talking with him about what really matters (just like I do in soooo many situations)??
Craigslist, cruise ships, pianos, doorbells, musicians, stories, etc. What a privilege to see and experience God breaking in with His love.

This wasn’t a coincidence for him, and it wasn’t a coincidence for me.

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