So you signed up for extravagant giving…but what’s next? As a part of this Kickstart to Your Generous Life, you’ve stepped out in faith to give more than you have before, and for some of you, more than you thought you could. Way to go! Way to be faithful! If you’ve been giving more as an offering each week, thank you! Your giving is critical to supporting SHV’s mission of equipping people to authentically follow Jesus. If you’ve been waiting for an opportunity to give extravagantly, here are several critical needs at SHV to pray about and consider:


  • Exterior Updates: One of the biggest roadblocks to people encountering Jesus at Smoky Hill Vineyard is the exterior of our building. Between the cracked and dilapidated parking lot, and the uninviting exterior, our old building is limiting people even coming to our building! For SHV to help people encounter Jesus, they have to actually come in first! Through your extravagant giving, we can make much needed repairs and changes to our curb appeal to help the outside of our building match the warm, inviting environment of the interior, and the hearts of our people.
  • Equipping and Discipling Leaders: The main mission of SHV is to equip people. Equipping people to authentically follow Jesus. SHV is doing it’s mission when new leaders are raised up and trained in raising up leaders, so they can disciple people and raise more leaders! When you give extravagantly to SHV, there are more opportunities for training, classes, and groups to find, equip, and train people to authentically follow Jesus!
  • Reaching the Community: Through giving extravagantly to help reach the community, Smoky Hill Vineyard will have more opportunities to complete local missions projects, through feeding and supporting people in our food bank, building homes with Habitat for Humanity, and supporting other various local missions partners.
  • Going Beyond the Local Community: The furthest reaching opportunity to give extravagantly takes Jesus outside of the Denver metro area into different parts of the world. Your offering above and beyond the tithe helps SHV support more missionaries in other countries who are helping equip people to authentically follow Jesus around the globe!