Fighting the good fight

“The relationship had deteriorated, I had followed the Bible’s instruction in Matthew 5 and gone directly to him. But he couldn’t let go of the offense. As I prayed I was reminded to be quiet and entrust it to the Lord. So I’ve been silent and not sharing the junk with anyone else.”

I was pretty blown away as you don’t hear something like that very often, wow!

The pathway of victory is humility and trust and this guy was on it!

In this spiritual battle we fight in three arenas: our own stuff, the world and the devil.

Re: our own stuff we are called to honesty, sorting things out directly with people in humility (Matthew 5 & 18, Ephesians 4). That may be the greatest struggle for some – having the courage to go directly and to be honest (in humility).

Then we are called to let go- to pray, cast our cares on Him, forgive and trust.

Both avenues go against the grain of our inclination. Both are vital to spiritual growth. Both require grace. Both reveal our spiritual maturity.

How is this part of the spiritual battle we are engaged in? We open the door to evil influence when we wage war as the enemy does.

God resists the proud but gives grace to the humble.

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