Finding happiness– mercy or tolerance?

In the beatitudes Jesus says “Blessed are the merciful, for they shall receive mercy.”  Matthew 5:7

Mercy goes so far beyond tolerance!
Respect people who are different from you
Serve people who are different from you
Tolerate people who offend you
Forgive people who offend you
“Whatever makes you happy” is the ultimate goal
Happiness is a byproduct of the ultimate goal of pleasing God
God’s kindness affirms you can do whatever you want
God’s kindness leads us to repentance
My open-mindedness is the highest virtue
Laying down your life for others is the highest virtue
No one has sinned unless it really hurts someone else
All of us have sinned and desperately need God
Choose whatever path makes you happy
I care enough to engage you if your path is destructive to you or to others
“I’m ok and you’re ok”
“I’m not okay and you’re not ok, but we both are loved and have hope”
When you suffer, “that’s a bummer”
I’ll walk with you and carry your burdens
Who am I (or are you) to judge?
If we turn from sin, mercy triumphs over judgment
I’ll accept you
I’ll lay down my life for you

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