Tap and hold on this image to save it to your smartphone! Then set it as your phone’s wallpaper as a reminder to spend your First 5 and Last 5 with God!


Personal Stories

To record your own personal story, use your smartphone to record a 30-60 second story about how God is using the First 5/Last 5 to move you closer to him. Then, share the video on Facebook or Instagram with the hashtag #firstfive. You can also email your story to info@shvchurch.org.

Mandi's First Five

Mike's First Five

Greg's First Five

Julie's First Five

Nicole's First Five

Chandos' First Five

Andrea's First Five

Brittany's First Five

 Daily Readings

Sometimes we have a hard time reading certain verses. During the First 5 Last 5, try changing up translations to experience God’s Word in a whole new light. We recommend using whatever translation you’re most comfortable with, along with some occasional reading from The VOICE. To access The VOICE translation free online.


 Text the word ‘FIVE’ to 313131 to sign up for a weekly text devotional!