Fishing, friends and refreshing

I just returned from a great week with my friend in Missouri. We grew up fishing farm ponds in SE Kansas, painting houses, golfing and learning how to follow Jesus (not necessarily in that order).

When we moved to Colorado in 1983, he and his wife bought a little fishing resort in Branson.

Here are a few things I was hit with in hanging out with him:
  • he loves to fish
  • he’s the kind of friend who would do anything for you
  • he enjoys helping others – taking young people in to their home, guiding on the lake, caring for his family, serving at church, championing the less fortunate
  • his family is one of the kindest and closest knit I know
  • he’s a great cook who always has the latest techniques for making fish and wild game taste amazing
  • and he loves to fish

When we were in high school he wanted to buy this lake property (great fishing lake) so he could build some places for people to stay and get refreshed. That didn’t work out, but the dream came true shortly thereafter. He loves to build “places” for people to enjoy.

The other interesting thing about my friend is that he is an off the charts introvert. He doesn’t like big parties. He would just as soon take one person out on the lake versus sit around in a group and talk.

Just imagine what it is like when we’re in a boat together. Long and extended periods of silence 🙂 We eventually get around to talking about what is going on, and we rarely leave any topic untouched.

It seems like that is true of every great relationship when you’re comfortable with someone. Like music, sometimes it is the notes you don’t play that make the music awesome.

We caught lots of fish, over 100 in about 15 hours of fishing (it helps when your friend becomes a fishing guide).

And just like old times, one of us was typically exclaiming “oh man, I can’t believe I missed that bite. I think he was huge…”

Here is to friends who follow God’s dreams — serving others by using their gifts and making a place for them.

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