Freak out!?

Yesterday I could overhear someone a few doors down screaming at the top of their lungs.  It was like a reality show, except there weren’t any bleeps to cover the f-bombs in every phrase.  They went on and on for what seemed like 2 minutes without a breath.  What was the subject of their alarm?  Their Amazon Nook E-book Reader wasn’t working!

There is so much stress in our world, it seems like the littlest things can set us off.  Patience is an elusive virtue, and it is somehow connected with our ability to trust.

I’m excited to explore the subject of TRUST in our new series.  There are so many times in the Bible where God enCOURAGES us to trust.  And it is so challenging to move beyond thinking about trust, to actually experience it.

My dad used to say “inch by inch its a cinch.”  That was his way of telling me to quit freaking out and take things slow– trust God is in control.

And we can actually grow in trusting God in the context of relationships, work, blessings, tragedy, finances, decision-making, past, present, future, health, sickness and E-book readers.

I pray God blesses you with hope today, no matter how crazy things get– that He loves you and He is trustworthy.

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