Haiti, Prayer and Friendships

With the horrifying tragedy in Haiti there are many questions… Why? Where is God? What are we to do?

I’m only going to attempt to answer the 3rd question in this post

We can pray — for God’s mercy and love to be extended to the people in Haiti, to relief workers and efforts, and for His comfort and peace. In this kingdom conflict, prayer is what Jesus taught us to do (“Your kingdom come, Your will be done, on earth as it is in heaven.”)

Secondly, we can ask Him to guide our efforts in making a difference. I’m so grateful for Convoy of Hope, a ministry we’ve already partnered with who is on the ground in Haiti.

Here is an excerpt from their recent communication:
Convoy of Hope has experienced relief workers on the ground in Haiti. All personnel survived the quake and our facilities are operational. We have a warehouse just outside of Port-Au-Prince with food, water and purification units. The response is already underway. Our ongoing activities in Haiti put us in a very strong position to respond. (Convoy of Hope feeds 7,000 kids every day in Haiti through 27 different schools and orphanages)

It is amazing how God uses friendships to bring blessing. I met Bryan on a trip to Germany in 1993. We became friends and saw each other periodically over the years. He eventually ended up with Convoy of Hope a few years ago. Convoy of Hope’s vision, values and track record prompted us to partner with them.

It is so cool to know your financial support is going to meet physical and spiritual needs. Convoy partners with local churches to make sure their community impact is lasting. They also encourage teams from local churches stateside to come and DO relief work and ministry (a huge part of our mission).

So when the tragedy struck with Katrina, and now with Haiti, we already had established relationship with a ministry.

God does work through prayer and through relationships/friendships. What an amazing gift they both are!

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