Joys of love, family and friends

Our youngest son Jordan surprised us coming home from college on fall break last week, somehow keeping it a secret from his mother and I (though everyone else knew). As he walked in the door I heard my wife say “oh my gosh” to which I wondered what was wrong…, only to see his smiling face walking up the stairs. We had a wonderful time together, as all three brothers were here over the weekend. It was cool to see Jordan worshiping, playing drums with the worship team on Sunday.

In just 2 months we’re seeing the positive effects of him having solid relationships with other followers of Jesus at college (unbelievably important). He is thriving — hearing from Jesus, helping others, and in keeping with his generation has already changed his major 🙂

His mom joined Facebook a few weeks ago so we could be “friends” and get updates beyond sporadic texting.

Life is changing rapidly, but some things stay the same: the joys of love, family and friends.

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