Moving from 5 to 3 Resolutions

Maybe I’m just getting older but 2013 seems like a blur.  Have you ever felt like something 2 months ago must’ve happened a year ago?  Our planet seems to be spinning at double the speed…

Just sitting down to assess 2013 brings back a flood of memories- wonderful connections, encouragements, disappointments, learnings, miracles, and God’s faithfulness.  
So what about 2014?  A friend forwarded me these “5 Great Resolutions for 2014″
1.  Begin. 
2.  Work hard on the essential.
3.  Stay true to your path.
4.  Nurture your self-confidence.
5.  Be sincerely kind to those around you.
These seem to be more “how to approach” 2014 resolutions rather than being actual resolutions.?
So after a bit of thought (and with the new “Jesus in HD” message series running through my mind), here is my template for three 2014 Resolutions.

1.  Adopt one practice of Jesus that will become a habit.
2.  Allow Jesus to transform me in an area that needs to change.
3.  Become more dependent on being filled with the Holy Spirit (which will happen if I do the first two)
I have personal specifics for all three, and there is obvious family-wide “us” application for Smoky Hill Vineyard.  We intend to become more like Jesus in practice, to be transformed, and be filled with the Holy Spirit!
I’m excited to work through “the Good and Beautiful God” by James Bryan Smith with a couple friends.  A few of our small groups are going to utilize it.  What a great resource!
I’m praying 2014 will be a year of slowdown- savoring the goodness and mercy of God more than ever before, moving forward more thoughtfully, more like Jesus, no matter how fast the planet is spinning…

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