We just returned from 3 wonderful days with our first grandson Noah Gregory, born to son Levi and his beautiful wife Katie on October 8. Wow, what a time! Exhilarating, refreshing, staggering, invigorating, revitalizing. Felt every one of them. Katie took this pic of Levi, June holding Noah, and me.

On our last night Levi wanted to have a time of worship together. As he banged out a passionate worship song on guitar in
their small living room, tears streamed down Katie’s face, June had her arm around me, I was holding Noah, doesn’t get much better. Levi sang part of Psalm 84:

How lovely is your dwelling place, O LORD Almighty! My soul yearns, even faints, for the courts of the LORD; my heart and my flesh cry out for the living God…”

The singing and guitar were delightful, and reeeally loud… What amazed me was Noah just slept peacefully against my chest.

I thought… Noah has heard Levi and Katie worship before – for nine months of pregnancy and every day at home after his birth 🙂

Thank God for the gift of Noah, for life, and the amazing ways He revives us!

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