Paying Attention to Discontent

Invite4To live well means to be “in sync” with Jesus, following Him and drawing our life from Him.  What happens when you lean in to following Jesus?  When you experience discontent is that always negative?

When discontent is an invitation to more…
Sometimes there is a growing discontent with things that can never substitute for His life.  It’s like drinking seawater. Trying to draw life from things like success or more stuff, medicating emotional pain, harboring bitterness, etc., we get dehydrated, more thirsty and experience spiritual death.
Thankfully discontent can be a sign on the path to finding Jesus.  Jesus said “If anyone is thirsty let him come to me and drink.”  John 7:37
My mom and I were talking about this season, how her prayer life is morphing into more silent waiting before Jesus and being with Him. Awkward, unfamiliar, and beautiful!
When discontent is an invitation to inner transformation…
We can easily misinterpret discontent as a need to change our external surroundings when Jesus is drawing us into something deeper.
hoseMany marriages and relationships are destroyed by discontent. Rather than learning “the grass is greener where you water it” people run to something new and novel (seawater).
On the other hand, discontent in a relationship can drive us further into Jesus and His peace. And into necessary change and sacrificial love- resulting in real happiness. Relationships are much healthier when we draw life from Jesus and serve one another versus drawing life from others and asking Jesus to serve us…
Experiencing discontent? Can you hear Jesus inviting you to drink? Spew out the seawater. Don’t run away. Taste and see that the Lord is good.  


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