Questions and Random Thoughts

Watching the news can be sickening: many are quick to use tragedy for their own personal or political agenda…

At the same time I’ve got lots of questions from the shooting in Tucson… My big question, how does a young man get to the point of wanting to kill somebody and think it is okay? It seems like “political hate speech” is a definite problem, but not the source. I doubt he was thinking, “Oh man, I never thought about shooting somebody until I heard so and so talk about it.”

Interestingly, many people in recent years were freaked out by this kid and his potential to hurt others. One teacher said she had commented “This kid could show up at school one day and start shooting people.” Another educator reported the same warning signs.

Why wasn’t anything done? Where were his parents? Surely they knew of his violent tendencies? Why didn’t teachers and faculty have any recourse?

It seems like our society is too bent on making everyone feel good about himself or herself, and afraid of offending anyone. Parents don’t draw lines between right and wrong.

“Do whatever makes you happy” which is translated into “Whatever you feel like doing.” Of course the proviso is “As long as it doesn’t hurt anyone else.”

But whenever personal happiness is worshipped, others have to bow at the altar where common sense gets sacrificed. And when common sense gets sacrificed, abusers become the victims and fear rules the day.

There are limited consequences if any for destructive behavior. If children are allowed to terrorize their siblings and friends, why are we surprised when they do the same to others?

I don’t have any great answers, just a desire to see common sense return to families and to the public square.

My dad used to say, “This is going to be good for you in the long run…” I hated hearing that. And my mom used to say “You have to put others before yourself.” Didn’t like that one either.

But you know, they were right. The hardest thing to do in the moment was usually best over the long haul. And putting others before yourself does result in true happiness.

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