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Rachel Murphy

Tell a little about yourself:

I am the loved daughter of a King. (So technically that makes me a princess, right?) I am wife to my husband Jesse, who’s both strong man of God and giant fun-loving kid; Mother to two boys: Dayton, 13- our “wise-old-soul”, and Dillon: our enthusiastic cuddle-loving 8-yr-old. Outside of SHV, I am also full-time student who studies life…in its many forms.

Random fact about me:

My full name is approximately 38% longer than the alphabet 😀

Favorite quote from scripture:

“See the former things have taken place and new things I declare; before they spring into being I announce them to you.” God is never finished with us and oh, is there hope in that.

What inspired you to do what you do:

The Lord, who thankfully knows so much more about us than we do ourselves. I had no idea I desired to work with kids. He brought me here and now I am inspired to do what I do each time I get a glimpse of how even the smallest things for children make major Kingdom impact. (The Kingdom does belong to them, you know!)

Favorite singer/band:

Sleeping Giant!

On the weekend I love…:

It’s a toss up… A nap or a good, loud show. I suppose it depends on the week behind me.

Book that moved you:

Who Calls Me Beautiful? Regina Franklin

Slogan for life:

don’t have to understand it all. God knows the plans He has for me.