Roll away the stone

This past Sunday, January 1, my son Levi shared a word with us about “rolling away the stone” which he likened to getting out of our comfort zone and risking it in following Jesus. You can view the message online.

Levi pointed to the story of Jesus raising Lazarus from the dead in John 11, and to our tendency to say “but Lord…” and resist with all sorts of excuses, missing out on amazing things in our lives.

It was especially impacting to hear his own personal story of transformation.

For June and me, it brought back lots of memories, from heartache to celebration…

At one service dozens of people responded. I think the positive response was because people are hungry for something more and because we all need hope that God can turn things around.

One friend watched online and relayed to me how he and his wife received much needed assurance re: their own kids, esp where they had been struggling with doubts.

As I shared, I’m very proud of Levi for many things…, most of all for saying “yes” to Jesus again and again. Somehow everything else gets taken care of when that happens.

And what an exhilarating (and many times frightening) experience to “roll away the stone” in response to Jesus!

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