Community Life Pastor


Scott Ross

Scott joined the team at SHV in 2013. He has been married to his wife, Lynette, for almost 30 years. He has three children (David, Lyndsy, and Sarah) and nine grandchildren. Scott is a graduate of Cal State Fullerton and Fuller Seminary.

Tell a little about yourself:

grew up in Southern California, received my BA from Cal State Fullerton in Criminal Justice & my M.Div in Theology from Fuller Seminary, married to Lynette for 31 years, have 3 children married to three amazing in-laws and 11 grandchildren 6 and younger. Used to be an egg salesperson in Beverly Hills, Hollywood, West LA & Marina Del Rey. Planted & pastored a Vineyard Church in Omaha, Ne, for 17 years. I love the Pacific Ocean.

Random fact about me:

I invented the internets.

Favorite quote from scripture:

Depends on the day. Today I love Luke 15:11-32, the story of the two lost sons & the loving dad. It’s a great picture of God’s heart.

What inspired me to do what I do:

Sounds a bit cliche’ but God called me. It took me a long time to respond & I put up a bit of a fight but in the end he won. Now that I’ve been a pastor for 26 years I think he was right. I love the church (people not building) and I love being part of seeing peoples lives change as they encounter Jesus.

Book that moved me:

One of my favorite 5 is The Pursuit of God by AW Tozer

Favorite singer/band:

I’m pretty eclectic in my music tastes. My default is classic rock but I enjoy, latin, classical, country, some pop, some worship, hymns….

On the weekend I love…:

On Saturdays I enjoy working around the house, on my vehicles, being with family. On Sundays I love to gather with our church community to worship together.

Best advice I ever got:

From the purchasing agent of the Hillcrest Country Club in Beverly Hills in 1984, “As you go up the stairs of life, don’t run or you’ll most likely trip. Walk up the steps one at a time. It may take a bit longer but you’ll get where you’re going with less pain.” I didn’t listen, tried to run, tripped & fell, then realized how smart he was. Now I try to enjoy the journey one step at a time.

Slogan for life:

‘eat mor chikin’ 🙂