​I’ve been coming to SHV for going on 7 years. It’s always been something I look forward to, not once has it felt like a chore. 2 weeks after my first visit, I was asked if I wanted to start volunteering. I agreed only because I thought it would look good on college applications, I never expected it to bring me so much happiness. I soon started getting very involved with the church; going to youth group, Sunday services, the food bank, and connect lunches. Very short after that, everything changed. I started planning my days around church. It’s fun! I have created so many relationships I wouldn’t have otherwise. My best friends, my mentor, all my role models, and everyone in between have all molded me into the person I am today; and I love that. When I think of the words “SHV” and “church” I do not think the same thing. When I hear church, I think of bland services that make you sit in pews. Or only having Sunday services, and never anything else. When I hear SHV, I think of the fun games we play at youth group on Wednesday nights, the nights where I sit and cry with my closest friends, the bouncy castles we have on Halloween, every face that I see that come to the café, the families that drop their kids off at childcare, and most importantly, everything I’ve seen God do and everyone I’ve seen encounter him. I come to SHV because it isn’t a church, it’s a second home.

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