“Even though we’re a good way through the 90-day tithing challenge, I’d still been feeling pretty hopeless about our financial situation. My wife and I were returning home late one night. As we were turning onto our street, she said ‘I feel like God has something big for us right around the corner.’

I replied with ‘That makes one of us’ (still feeling pretty hopeless).

As she went inside, I walked to the mailbox to check the mail. Between the coupon pack and some other advertisements was a card from my grandparents. As I walked back towards the house, I opened the card…

‘We sure thought your house was lovely, but we know you wanted to do some work on it. Love you.’ And a check for a substantial amount of money. I felt as big as an ant. All of the sudden my hopelessness was made into hope. I feel like God was using my wife’s statement of ‘something big for us right around the corner’ not in a literal ‘around this corner of your street there’s money in your mailbox’ kind of way, but a way to bring hope back to me and say, ‘If I can do this, just imagine what bigger things I have around the corner…’

God. Is. Awesome.”

“My wife and I had gotten our car towed because I couldn’t afford to get the tags updated. After two weeks the bill was up to $781 and was going up $30 a day. A couple came forward and helped us get it out. A week later, the family told us to not pay them back. That they wanted to bless us, and they continued to bless us by fixing the brakes on the car. We did not know the couple well or ask for help. They had heard about our situation through someone else in the church and sought us out!”

“Four years ago, tithing and putting God first to me was “tipping God” or giving him my leftovers. I had not only personal financial trials, but also in my business. Then, I was challenged by an individual at SHV church to give, and to give fully. That was the worst time for my family to tithe, as we did not have much. So we prayed, and started to tithe and trust God – almost challenging him!

God has done amazing things since then and also has used me and the business for his kingdom, including ministering to people who were jobless to now having jobs. I am passionate about telling others my story because of what the Lord has done and how you can miss out on life without giving. Not just giving at church, but in other areas. Our heart and life truly turn 180 degrees into a heart view that God intended for all of us to have.”

“A couple of years ago I was driving to Kansas when the roads turned icy, a fire engine made a u turn in the middle of the highway, I ran into it and totaled my car. I know God was with me at that moment because the front corner of the car was wrapped around my leg, trapping me in the car, yet there wasn’t a scratch on me!

When I arrived home and the shock wore off, major stress set in! How can I afford another car? How much will my insurance go up? How much will the ticket cost? The questions went on and on and on. I began to think of ways I could cut out some expenses. One of my options was to decrease the amount I was tithing each month. I went to the church website to change the amount when God spoke to my heart, telling me that I didn’t need to decrease the amount; instead I needed to increase it! My first reaction to this was, ‘You want me to do what? There is no way I can do that!’ I find it rather amazing how fast I can go from faith to freak out. Then a peace came over me; I could hear God saying, ‘It’s going to be okay, I was with you during the accident and I will always be with you. Trust me.’ What a humbling moment. I did change my tithing amount, not to less but more. Then I was amazed at the events that followed.

I found a car and was able to acquire a loan at a lower monthly payment. My insurance actually went down. And when I went to court for the ticket, neither the district attorney nor the judge could figure out why I was given the ticket and they knocked it down to a defective taillight instead of 3 point ‘Special Hazard’ citation, which could have cost a thousand or more. God is an awesome God!”

– Mary Kapaun

“God is faithfully providing for our needs as I’m faithfully giving. I’ve seen our household’s needs met as we needed, right at the time we needed it the most!”

“I’ve experienced less anxiety about money and am able to enjoy my family in a way my ‘bad mood’ about money never let me.”

“Watching my husband surrender to Jesus Christ.”

“He has continued to heal my mother and keep her sober. She is becoming herself that nobody has known except for Him.”

“I started [the 90-Day Challenge] just 2 weeks ago. In 2 weeks, we (my fiancé and dog and me) went from homeless to a safe community. Provision is still coming through.”