People are connecting in community and experiencing the compassion of Jesus.


  • 71 were baptized
  • 526 surrendered to Jesus for the first time
  • 646 recommitted to following Jesus
  • 38 classes were offered and 760 are currently being trained weekly at SHV
  • SHV Kids is experiencing exciting new vision, leadership, and impact!

Families struggling to make ends meet are receiving real help.


  • 1 million pounds of food for the year distributed
  • We’ve built strategic partnerships in order to procure food for free or pennies on the dollar
  • 40 people have been placed in jobs
  • Dozens reported some measure of comfort and/or physical healing from prayer ministry

Together we can accomplish so much more! Would you consider a special year-end gift to help propel SHV forward in 2016? 

2015 Categories Include:

  • SHV’s Mission
  • Food Bank operational needs

  • Forklift for all winter and non-lift gate ops – $10k
  • Canopy system to resolve open air space between buildings – $15k
  • IT upgrades for processing 500+ weekly recipients. Includes tracking, assessment, and follow through – $10k
  • A/V upgrades for Food Bank for worship, projector and screen for words and messages – $5k
  • Exterior building improvements: parking lot, landscaping, and paint
  • Staffing: Youth and Mission Pastors

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Any excess project funds received will go to support SHV ministry. For more info visit: