Thanksgiving thoughts

We enjoyed smoked turkey and all the fixin’s this year. We’ve gotten together with some folks (who are without family in Denver) going on 7 years now. The past couple years it has grown, this year to 15 people.

I’m really aware of how the “kids” are growing and changing. Seems like just yesterday they were in elementary school, playing football and beating up on each other (mildly). Now the youngest is back from college for the weekend…
I’m thankful for friendships that continue to grow. There is no substitute for time together.
And I’m thankful for my wife. Remembering almost 30 Thanksgivings together (including when we were dating). We’ve had several Thanksgivings where we ate what I shot that day (pheasant, duck, quail, goose). She let me clean and cook those. We’ve laughed and watched lots of football (will the Lions ever win?).
And I’ve come home with the same beautiful woman every year, and am so grateful for the gift she is…

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