Trust and thanksgiving


“The more intimate we are with Him the firmer our trust shall be.” (Charles Spurgeon commenting on “I have found shelter in You, Eternal One” Psalm 71:1)

Interesting that physical or spiritual proximity does not indicate intimacy. Judas saw fish and loaves of bread multiply in his hands as he distributed to groups of 50 along with the other disciples. Can you imagine that experience? The miracle?!  The nearness of Jesus?!  What it would do to your heart and mind?!
Though his hands were part of the miracle, His heart wasn’t completely present and available to Jesus. The others in this band of followers weren’t aware of Judas’ problem. While others struggled to connect the miracle to future challenges (Jesus reminded them “How many baskets of leftovers did you collect?”), Judas wrestled with deeper unbelief.
Reflect on the invitation to trust, look at your own hands and remember times the bread has multiplied (God has provided). Turn your heart to acknowledge, and to yield, to give thanks.  Take that step toward Jesus.  Let trust take the place of doubt.


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