At Smoky Hill Vineyard, we believe worship is an integral part of following Jesus.


  • Intimate
    • Worship is a community experience where we all come together to sing and worship God, but also a way to personally express your heart and your thankfulness to Jesus through music and prayer.
  • Accessible
    • Worship should be accessible to all, not something difficult that only a select few are allowed to do. SHV strives to worship through songs that are easy to sing, but are rich in their reverence of God.
  • Authentic
    • Worship is all about God and living in His presence. True worship is vertical, giving glory and honor to God, with less songs about ‘me, myself, and I.’
  • Executed with Excellence
    • Worship is meant for God. The worship teams at SHV aim for excellence in everything so neither the performance nor performers get in the way of worshipping God.


Do you play an instrument or sing at a professional or semi-professional level? Have other people often told you that you have a gift for music? Do you have a desire to use your gift to bless the local church?

Here are the steps to becoming part of the SHV Worship Arts team:

  1. Complete a Worship Questionnaire
  2. Submit a recording of you singing or playing the instrument that you wish to audition. Please upload your video or audio to the web, i.e. YouTube, Vimeo, etc, and send a viewable link to Jason.Dill@shvchurch.org
    *Once we receive your questionnaire and recording, we will contact you.

Small Group Worship Playlist

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 Need Worship For Your Small Group?

Here are a few song suggestions for small groups looking to start worship. If you have a Spotify account, use the embedded player and sing along in worship!