About the Online Giving Switch


Through our new provider, processing fees can be covered so SHV can receive your entire gift.  When we shared this news with one of our church leaders, Tonya Hector, she said,


“Oh my! People need to know this. Who wouldn’t want to do this and make sure their whole tithe actually gets to the church?” 


Tithing companies take around 1% of the tithe as a credit card fee for themselves. The actual processing company takes 1.9-2.5% because that’s how they get paid, meaning churches lose 2.9% or more of each donation by card, plus an additional $0.25 fee.


That means, if you give $1,000 by card, $29.25 does not make it to SHV. That adds up quickly. In fact, churches our size lost around $15k to those fees last year, and the American church as a whole will lose $30M of people’s tithes and gifts this year. 


Planning Center (called ChurchCenter to the public) offers the option for donors to cover those fees if they give by card, however, setting up as ACH (bank transfer) is now the fastest method to set up and only has a $0.25 flat fee you can also cover, whether you give $1 or $10,000. 


No entering card numbers, routing numbers, checking numbers, etc. You simply log into your bank account from the app (they partner with most bank systems), get a verification code or text like normal, and link up. That’s it! 


Our community life coordinator, Joan, was hesitant to switch and deal with the hassle of initial setup…then, less than a minute later, she exclaimed,


“Whoa! That was super easy. Way more so than I thought.”


Once you’re set up, you can give any other one-time gifts from the ChurchCenter app or giving page in just a couple clicks. 


The final benefit of the ChurchCenter app is you can pre-check in your kids on Sundays, sign up for a small group, or register for events like VBS , Woman2Woman, or a Men’s Breakfast. The ChurchCenter App does it all!


Thank you for partnering with us in this change. You make a difference, and this system will help us reach even more people for Jesus!


How To Switch Your Recurring Giving

First, stop your recurring gift on SecureGive, following their instructions here. Then, go to https://shvchurch.churchcenter.com/giving and follow the steps on screen.

  1. Click log in to login by email. Type the verification code emailed to you.

  2. Choose the fund and type your gift amount.

  3. Set your frequency

  4. Set up your giving method, then submit. You’re set!


How to download the ChurchCenter App

To set up ChurchCenter from a mobile device, follow these steps:

  1. Download the ChurchCenter app for iPhone or from Google Play

  2. Select Smoky Hill Vineyard as your church (search by name or choose from the list by area code/location). It will remember next time.

  3. Log in via phone number (if your number isn’t in our system, it will ask for your email on file). You never have to repeat this step again unless you want to log out each time.

  4. Touch the “Give” icon at the bottom and type in your amount (you can do a $1 test if you’d like to first set up that way). Hit “next.”

  5. It will default to the general Support SHV tithe fund. Choose a recurring frequency and set up your payment method (ACH has lowest fee: $0.25) and select if you will cover fees. Hit “Give” and that’s it.


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