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The Vineyard Movement is a network of over 2,500 churches worldwide, committed to seeing each generation reached. With a view to embrace integrity in Christian character along with an authentic relationship with Jesus, each Vineyard church seeks to be an outpost of God’s compassionate love in a broken world.

We firmly believe that Hope Starts Here! The SHV Food Bank exists to feed the hungry and serve the poor. And while food helps, it doesn’t heal. The Food Bank also offers monthly employment interviews, additional assistance resources, family legal services, prayer ministry, and more.


Food Bank of the Rockies (FBR) is the largest private hunger-relief organization in the state of Colorado. SHV partners with FBR to receive food deliveries, providing a large amount of the food given away.


SHV works with Habitat for Humanity to build new homes for those in need.

Located in Chennai, India, Acts of Mercy serves widows and orphans and strives to empower them to walk toward a better tomorrow.


SHV is proud to partner with disaster relief organization Convoy of Hope. Convoy is the first one in, and the last one out when it comes to bringing relief to natural disasters. Visit their website for video updates on their current relief efforts.

India Gospel League works through indigenous pastors to bring the good news of the Gospel to those living in rural India. By empowering ministries to be self-sustainable IGL is paving the way culturally to a new tomorrow. More than 78,000 village churches have been planted by IGL in the past 25 years, and from these, hope is shining out to a world darkened by desperate poverty.

Kenny and Carla transitioned off of SHV Staff to become full-time missionaries in South Africa. They are currently working with Living Hope, an organization providing assistance and relief, and to bring Jesus to those suffering from HIV.

Nexleader Ipsat is headed by founder Steve Moore, and this organization works with and trains the next generation of leaders.

Rick and Joy serve in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico. They planted their church in 2007 with a threefold purpose: to provide a community of faith for those desiring to connect with others living part-time or year round in Puerto Vallarta; to provide a contemporary worship service for English speaking residents and visitors; to provide helping hands and hearts to the various nonprofits and other ministries in their community.

Generation Now

Generation Now is a non profit ministry led by pastors Rick and Becky Olmstead. “Generation Now” exists to serve and equip local churches and ministries around the world to Reach, Rescue, Root and Release a generation to change the world. Our goal is to encourage churches to strive for: a growing work among the kids and families in their church and community, lead passionate, qualified champions who have at their disposal relevant resources and models for ministry, that empowers the “now generation” of kids and youth to bring God’s kingdom into their sphere of influence.

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