Find your focus. When we set aside time to reflect on God and on those words, we move further into the goodness that’s waiting for us. Daily Prayer Guides include Bible readings, and steps on praying through your quiet time.


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Time for Change…Time for Healing


At SHV, we are unequivocally anti-racism. 


We believe:

-All are created equal at the hands of a loving God

-We are bridge builders and peacemakers

-Jesus charges us to 'Repent for the Kingdom of Heaven is Near' 

Repentance = Change

(change of action; change of heart)

“Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere”

-MLK “Letter from Birmingham Jail,” 

Suggested Reading

America's Original Sin

Jim Wallis

Anxious to Talk About It

Carolyn Helsel

Jesus and the Disinherited

Howard Thurman

The Color of Compromise

Jemar Tisby

I'm Still Here

Austin Channing Brown

Looking to learn more about diversity, racism, justice, and following Jesus? These books give great insight into some of the issues prevalent today. Want to talk about them? Join the SHV Book Club!

Brother - The Brilliance

Jesus calls us to love our neighbors AND our enemies. This song is a beautiful message of love for those different than us.

Breaking Down the Wall

Greg Thompson shares a message about how Jesus brings down walls and invites us together.

The Blessing - SHV Worship

SHV Worship version of 'The Blessing'

Grounded in Love

A highlight from Tammy Brown's message on being rooted in love.


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