"This picture of imaginary Jesus… we assume that Jesus is on our side.  We co-opt Jesus in these moments to believe like we believe - to see things like we see. We assume that because He made us and we have these beliefs, that he believes these things too."


-Mike Caulley

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Questions to Go Deeper

  • Where have you seen Jesus not do what you expected him to do?

  • How much does Jesus look like you? Have you added anything to Him? 

  • How can you mirror the early church - eating together, fellowshipping, praying, and reading the disciples teaching around the table together? 

  • Consider the way Jesus engaged with people versus how people thought He should engage with them… 

  • Levi, the tax collector, was not beyond Jesus’ reach. Spend a few minutes praying, asking whom Jesus might be calling to “come with me” - those who are outsiders.

Weekly Devotional

New Year, New You!


This week:

This week:


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