SHV Youth

Want to connect better with your teenager during this unprecedented time of staying at home?

- Learn about parenting modern teens

- Conversation starters with your teenage students. Here are a few. Ask open-ended questions you’re genuinely curious about or they’ll sniff it out as “trying too hard” and be turned off. Questions that begin with “How do you feel about…” “What would you think if…” “What’s your opinion on…"

- Watch top-notch bible videos and use their curriculum for better conversations. Who knows, maybe you’ll learn something too!


Remember: The relationship you’re having with your student IS the conversations you’re having with them. (Recommended read: Fierce Conversations)

For Parents:

Get Involved

There are many ways to get involved with youth, from music to games to groups and more. Come serve to make a lasting impact on our students! Email

Need to fill out your student's yearly liability release? You can do so here.

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